Corporate social responsibility

At Raet, our focus is on the employee. Not only in terms of the development of products and services, but also with respect to corporate social responsibility. We’re very aware of the fact that we have the responsibility of balancing ‘profit’ with ‘people’ and ‘planet’. We consider people and the environment in everything we do as an organization. 

Modern business operations

Corporate social responsibility is an intrinsic part of being a modern employer. Our applications enable organizations to set up their HR processes more efficiently and effectively, which is key for the modern employer. An additional benefit is that our customers have, thanks to HR automation, significantly reduced their paper usage.

Social involvement

Our employees enjoy contributing to society by doing volunteer work, such as providing an unforgettable day at the zoo for those with an intellectual disability. Volunteer work, however, is not our only contribution to society. Each year we have our Christmas card designed by a charity. The earnings from these cards are subsequently donated to that organization. 

Sustainable operations

Maintaining sustainable operations is a priority for us. The smart design of our buildings and the low CO2 emissions of our company cars help us reduce our environmental footprint.

Developing our profession

We contribute to the development of the HR professional, now and in the future. As the main sponsor of the NVP, the network for HR professionals, we are strongly committed to developing this business sector. We also entered into a partnership with the Landelijk Opleidingsoverleg voor Personeel en Arbeid (LOPA – National Education Committee for Personnel and Work). The institutes involved offer Youforce, Raet’s HR cloud solution, to students for educational purposes.

Social gain

We’re committed to working with our suppliers and customers to achieve specific social gains. A noteworthy example is the project with the city of Amsterdam and the 2xplain educational institute to train the long-term unemployed to become payroll administrators. Two of these individuals have since joined Raet.

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