Our corporate story

Every day, 1.7 million employees use our software to manage their HR affairs. We are there for them. And for you, to help you achieve your HR ambitions.

Who we are

We have more than 1000 employees and 50 years of experience. Approximately 1.7 million people use our software on a daily basis and we count more than 10,000 customers in the Netherlands alone. That’s Raet summed up in just a few facts and figures. But it’s more likely that you, or your employees, know us from your salary slips. And that’s hardly surprising, as that’s where Raet's roots lie.

Building on decades of experience in HR, Raet was the first company to develop HR software in the cloud.

We started out as a company offering ICT solutions for computerized payroll accounting and, at a later stage, staff records. And now, Raet, the first company to develop HR software in the cloud, has grown into a leading player in the HR sector in the Dutch market - and a rising star internationally.

Our view on HR

The world is globalizing, digitizing and individualizing fast, leading to fundamental changes in all sectors and industries. It is against this background that being able to respond quickly and innovate successfully has become a precondition for success for any company, something that calls for the right people with the best talents. 

Today's employees are becoming managers of their own HR affairs.

Equally important is the trend that is taking place on the employees' side: they are becoming ever-more autonomous. Today's employees are a far cry from how they were ten years ago. To a large extent, they are becoming their own HR managers. Employees choose their own development, plot their own career, and increasingly define the type of working relationship they want.

Our mission

Taking the next step in HR together with your organization, that is our mission. We want to be a partner for HR departments in all fields — strategic, tactical and operational —covering a wide range of subjects — efficiency, performance, systems integration, HR analytics and talent development. We want to offer your employees solutions that will enable them to get the most out of themselves, to arrange their own HR affairs, and to fully develop their talents.

Integrated HR software and services that put people in control. That's what we believe in. We call it Younified HR.

We help your HR department progress in dealing with its complex and strategic challenges. And we optimally facilitate your employees. That’s what drives everything we do. We don’t focus on technology, but on how this technology enables you and your employees to achieve your ambitions. At Raet, we call this ‘all about you’. For you, this means solutions that create unity and enable you to keep things simple.

That is the kind of HR we believe in. That is where our mission lies. We call it Younified HR.

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