Fetim chooses Raet to centralize its worldwide HR systems

12 April 2016

Fetim Group has chosen Raet's Youforce HR cloud solution to centralize its HR systems. As Fetim was working with different solutions in different countries, the company did not have an integrated central overview of its HR information. The organization therefore wanted one solution that would add structure to the employee information systems, improve its employees' perception of HR, and minimize its administrative work. It was also important that Fetim had a module for HR analytics in order to simplify and improve international reports and to respond more effectively to changes in the international business environment. The solution that has now been chosen is available in different languages and for all countries. 

HR in the cloud

Youforce is a solution that brings together all HR processes online. It offers managers and employees an insight into, and control of, all HR affairs and from any device. To enable employees to get the most out of their talents, it is essential for organizations to have an integrated central overview of their employee information. The solution combines payrolling, workforce management, talent management, HR Intelligence and other modules with each other. Real-time dashboards and reports also enable strategic choices to be made, based on accurate and up-to-date information.  

Mathieu Köster, Global HR Director at Fetim Group: “Our motto is ‘To help people love where they live, work and play’. We not only wish to achieve this for our customers, but also for our employees. Working conveniently, good systems and, where possible, relieving them of some of their worries are central aspects in this. By having the HR system generate more added value, we can also increase employees' enjoyment of their work. Raet's specific knowledge of HR processes and its many years of experience of consultancy and payrolling were decisive factors in Fetim's decision. The good thing of working together with them is that they have HR professionals sell their systems. They understand our needs and help us implement the systems step by step.”

Anna Alting Siberg, International Client Manager at Raet: “Ever more international organizations are faced with a great diversity in solutions that are used at their different sites. This can make it quite difficult for HR departments to draw up reports that concern several countries and to conduct a uniform talent management policy. Fetim encountered this challenge as well, but the company has now taken the step to work with one integrated system. Besides the digital records that have now become available, HR analytics has enabled Fetim to report better and more quickly and to utilize its HR system to the full. And the Performance Management module will give a better insight into the talents across all countries. This has made Fetim ready for the future.”

The implementation project has started and the go-live is expected to take place in mid-2016. 

About Fetim Group

The Fetim Group is a leading international company specialized in the development and design of decorative products: ‘To help people love where they live, work and play’. Fetim Group offers a wide range of products such as flooring, window decoration, shelving, sanitary fittings and construction materials. The Fetim Group has been active in over 40 countries, both within and outside Europe, supplying both professional end users as well as retailers and the project market, for nearly 100 years. You can find further information on

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