Raet takes second place on the list of vendors of innovative HR solutions

04 April 2016

A recent survey, conducted by ICT data agency Computer Profile, puts Raet firmly in second place as vendor of innovative HR solutions. Raet particularly stands out as a vendor in the public domain: at least 28 percent of all companies use Raet HR-solutions. 

HR-software is used by 86 percent of all companies. The use of HR-solutions hosted by external service providers or Cloud based covers 43 percent, while 33 percent of all companies and subsidiaries still run their HR software on premise. 

A quarter of all companies uses HR solutions that are hosted either at the head office or a branch. Cloud based HR software is most commonly used by multinationals and public companies, while national enterprises and medium sized business prefer the use of on premise HR solutions.

The total use of HR software is 86 percent. While different HR suites can be used within the same company, the total amount of all separate suites rises above 86 percent. 

More information?

You can find the complete survey here. 

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