MobileXpense and RAET announce a strategic partnership to integrate automated expense management into RAET’s suite of HR services

13 July 2018

MobileXpense from Brussels and Raet from Amersfoort agreed today to integrate MobileXpense’s global travel expense management system into “Youforce”, RAET’s comprehensive HR management ecosystem. All of Raet’s international customers from across Europe and Latin America can now benefit from a fully automated global expense solution, facilitating their expense entry and reimbursement procedures. MobileXpense therefore completes Youforce in an area that still creates a lot of overhead and frustration not only for employees, but also for HR management and accounting.

By integrating MobileXpense, Raet now provides an automated and easy to use travel & expense management solution to its customers, ensuring compliance with the country legal rules and customers’ business requirements. Travelers can create expense reports during their trips by taking pictures of their receipts via the mobile app - using fast OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. The full expense  report gets automatically created and sent to the payroll department. This reduces the time and effort spent on declaring expenses and speeds up processing and reimbursement. The result is cost reduction and increased productivity. 

“We are very pleased to have Raet as a strategic partner in the HR sphere, as travel expense management is as much an HR function as it is an accounting challenge” says Pieter Geeraerts, MobileXpense’s CEO. “By enabling RAET’s customers and employees to fully benefit from the proactive travel and expense management from MobileXpense, we provide opportunities for HR departments to offer tangible improvements in employee satisfaction - for the travelers as well as for the accounting teams.”

“Employee satisfaction and compliance with policy as well as tax and allowance regulations are hot issues for HR across the globe. MobileXpense had the right global solution. By addressing travel and expense management as an accounting challenge and a burden on employees, we improve our Youforce suite with an important and elegant solution” says Sander Odijk, Director Partnerships & Strategic Alliances of Raet. 


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