NelsonHall recognizes Raet as a leading HR cloud solutions provider

20 July 2015

NelsonHall, a major global BPS and ITS research and analysis firm, recognizes Raet as a leading HR cloud solutions provider with international growth potential. NelsonHall arrived at this conclusion through a vendor evaluation for payroll, based on interviews and assessments with 40 vendors over a 4 months period, as well as 360 degree feedback sessions with the clients of those vendors.

Elizabeth Rennie, NelsonHall HR Services Research Director, says: “Raet has achieved significant momentum in the last year, firstly with its acquisition of RH Pro which has expanded its Latin America capability, and now with its geographical expansion to Spain. Raet is one of the few payroll providers with almost all of its payroll services supported by cloud-based payroll software, and with the majority of its clients also using its HR cloud software. With its continued product focus and multi-country drive, NelsonHall expects to see strong growth from Raet in the coming years.”

Kobe Verdonck, CEO at Raet, says: “We have been market leader in the Netherlands for a long period of time. This has given us a stable fundament to expand our  activities abroad. We are very pleased with NelsonHall’s confirmation of our leadership position in Latin-America. This recognition confirms that we are on the right track with our international strategy. The combination of our HR cloud services, our integrated payroll offering and our focus on our customers offers global and local organizations a strong platform which enables them to maximize the value of HR to the business.” 

Raet’s strengths  

NelsonHall highlights the following strengths in its evaluation of Raet's capabilities:

  • Raet is the largest payroll provider in the Netherlands and has the widest Latin American capability of payroll providers. 
  • Raet supports an integrated cloud HR and payroll offering through its own HR and payroll technology. This means that Raet has full control of its payroll service to support clients' changing needs.
  • Raet offers both SaaS, managed and comprehensive payroll services including a tier 1 contact center in the Netherlands.
  • Mobile enablement of all products with multiple roles is supported (e.g. HR administrators).
  • Raet is financially stable and has strong leadership capabilities, with expertise in multi-country payroll service delivery. 
  • Raet has the ability to service organizations both large and small.

About NelsonHall 

NelsonHall is the leading global BPS and ITS research and analysis firm, with analysts across the US, UK, and Continental Europe. Founded in 1998, the company takes a global approach to analysis of vendors and outsourcing markets and is widely respected for the quality and depth of its research. NelsonHall also offers a suite of “Speed-to-Source” tools (NEAT) that assist buy-side executives in saving time and money while enhancing the quality of their sourcing decisions in BPS and ITS evaluations.

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