Raet and Talentsoft sign strategic partner agreement

13 June 2018

Raet and Talentsoft, European market leader in Talent Management, have announced a strategic partnership today.  The integration of the two platforms will provide a complete end-to-end employee experience for international businesses: from core HR and payroll to recruitment, competency management and learning.

"By partnering with Talentsoft we can offer our international customers an integrated solution", says Sander Odijk, Director Partnerships & Strategic Alliances of Raet. "Customers will benefit from a 'one-stop-shop' for HR, as the integrated solution is fully serviced and supported by Raet."

Working together on a unified employee experience 

The Talentsoft Talent Management suite will be integrated with Raet Youforce HR Core and Payroll suite. Both parties will also have a joint sales strategy. The collaboration between the two parties reflects the increasing need in the HR market for integrated solutions that comply with applicable local and European laws and regulations.

Joint interests 

"We are very proud of the partnership with a market leader such as Raet. We deliver today a unique value proposition as we are fully complementary and based on the same technical platform. ” commented Jean-Stéphane Arcis, CEO of Talentsoft.

The partner agreement has already received a positive response from the market.

"The integration of the two platforms, Talentsoft and Raet matches very well with the market trends IDC has seen in the HCM space for complete Talent Management solutions" explains Alexandros Stratis, Senior Research Analyst of IDC. “It is an exciting move and it is indicative of the integration and capabilities that the market has been asking for”.


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