Raet high scoring newcomer on Computable 100

11 November 2014

Raet, the market leader in HR cloud solutions, has attained 14th place on the Computable 100. This list of the strongest ICT companies in the Netherlands is compiled and ranked annually by Computable, which ranks companies within the IT sector on the basis of financial performance and image.

Based on the overall score, Raet ranks 14th on the Computable 100. However, Raet ranks 8th on the list of financially powerful ICT companies. Flex Benefits, an online tool that gives employees control over their working conditions, was particularly well-received by the jury. Flex Benefits constitutes part of Youforce, Raet’s integrated HR cloud software. The jury report cites drinking water company Oases as an example of a company that has benefitted from Flex Benefits. This tool enables Oases employees to create a better balance in their personal and business lives. Moreover, Oases’ implementation of Youforce has led to more efficient and cost-effective HR processes.

Appealing employment practices

Due to the aging population and the hunt for young talent, appealing employment practices are becoming increasingly important in many sectors. The jury found that Raet is responding well to this development with its software. "Youforce provides employees with greater ease and insight, while the employer is able to work more efficiently and realize substantial savings."

About Computable 100

The annual Computable 100 guide provides an overview of the 100 most powerful ICT companies in the Netherlands. It’s based on research into the financial performance of ICT companies, conducted by the financial experts of Mazars Berenschot Corporate Finance (MBCF). We asked market research agency Motivaction to measure the image of these companies as a business partner, as an innovator and as an employer. The total of the scores for financial strength and image determines the position of a company on the Computable 100 rankings.

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