Raet supports Unicef

UNICEF Netherlands has developed a new concept: donate-a-day. The idea is that employees can donate any outstanding leave days that they may have to UNICEF. ADP and Raet, two major players in the market, are joining forces and supporting this initiative by helping organizations to put it into practice. To simplify the administrative process, we are making a donation option available in our leave systems. And, of course, we are also participating in the UNICEF | donate-a-day program ourselves.

Research conducted by Multiscope on behalf of UNICEF Netherlands has revealed that, in the Netherlands, there are some 93 million untaken leave days and 2 out of 3 employers are struggling to cope with this mountain of untaken leave. Untaken leave days (the 93 million of these in the Netherlands equate to an average of 14.5 per employee) constitute a genuine risk for employers. After all, the financial equivalent of this leave has to be largely included on the balance sheet. Business continuity may also come under threat if large groups of employees all decide take their leave days at the same time. In fact, this is an issue on the management agenda at 84% of organizations.

Win-win solution

The UNICEF | donate-a-day program creates an innovative link between an organization’s CSR policy and the problem of untaken leave as outlined above. Madelon Cabooter, Corporate Partnerships manager at UNICEF Netherlands: “As many as 69% of Dutch employers offer their staff the chance to contribute to the CSR targets. We saw this as an opportunity to develop an innovative proposition that means employers can allow their employees to donate leave days to UNICEF. When we put this idea to the business community, half of the financial and HR managers at large companies rated it as positive to very positive. They see it as a genuine win-win solution.”

“A fantastic idea. A completely new initiative for the Netherlands and a very commendable one. People are socially committed and companies are essentially entities made up of people. This innovative plan gives companies and employees the chance to express their social commitment through their organization,” says Theo Schuyt, professor of philanthropy at the VU Amsterdam.

Madelon Cabooter, Corporate Partnerships manager at UNICEF Netherlands: “The average net value of one leave day corresponds to the amount needed to vaccinate 140 children against polio. That is a huge impact.”

15 September 2016

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