Raet to help repair cuts in Dutch Unemployment Benefits Act

24 February 2016

A few years ago, in a move to curb expenditure, the Dutch government decided to reform the Unemployment (Benefits) Act by cutting the maximum duration of unemployment benefits. In 2013, employers and employees agreed that they would repair these cuts and the government promised it would help with this. Raet will take on the administration of these repairs as an independent partner.

What do the repairs entail? 

Raet will spend the next few months setting up and testing an accounting system for private unemployment benefit as requested by the Dutch employers and employees and the Dutch Labour Foundation (Stichting van de Arbeid). Three major collective labor agreements will be chosen to act as a pilot for this supplementary unemployment insurance. The government will provide Raet, in its capacity as private administrator, with data from its own unemployment benefits accounting system.

Why Raet?

“In Raet, the social partners have found an organization that, according to an independent study, came out top in its ability to administer a simple and uniform scheme with limited administration costs, effective understanding of social security and good contacts with the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency).” 

Excerpt from the press release of the FNV trade union of 13 February

Which role will Raet play?

“We will act as an independent third party taking care of registering participating employers, collecting contributions, assessing unemployment benefit claims and administering the benefits,” said Boi Weggeman, Pension & Benefits Sales Manager at Raet. “We will start with a pilot in which we will structure and initiate the implementation of the process in three sectors.”

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