Corporate social responsibility

CSR is a joint effort!

At Raet, ‘we care about people’. We not only measure our success in terms of profit, but also in terms of what we contribute to the planet and to society. In general, CSR is about social commitment, reducing the ecological footprint, and creating value. Raet primarily focuses on the main aspect of ‘People’.

Everyone is talented!

We think that everyone is talented and should be given the opportunity to develop. That is why we use smart, intuitive, and meaningful HR software and services. Solutions that add value and thus enable talent to grow.

Achieving the best results together

We stimulate our employees to also use their talents, knowledge, and skills for the greater good of society. We do this by working together, with each other and with our customers. Our software and services are designed by people and for people. Because we believe that you achieve the best results together.

Our partners

Raet also recognises the importance of partnerships. They help us shape and preserve our CSR policy. We work together with our partners to actively develop talents in a more sustainable society. 



Natuurmonumenten, a Dutch nature conservation society, and Raet work together to link the growth in new Raet customers to the growth in green areas in the Netherlands, e.g. by planting new areas of woodland.



We work together with UNICEF in the ‘Donate a Day’ campaign. Our software provides our employees and customers with the option of donating days off to UNICEF. Every day off is converted into healthcare, education, or clean drinking water for children in Third World countries.



United by Music

United by Music gives musically talented mentally handicapped people the chance to perform in front of a large live audience. In line with our vision, this foundation offers these people the opportunity to grow their talents. Raet supports United by Music by donations towards the costs of the orchestra and the annual Gala Benefit.


Regional collaboration

Together with other employers, we promote a labour market in which everyone matters. As part of our ambition to promote being an inclusive employer in the local area, we have joined the ‘de Normaalste Zaak’ organization and we are also a member of its spin-off, the ‘de 99 van Amersfoort’ workgroup. We do this because we feel that everyone is entitled to develop and contribute their talents.

Responsible business operations

We are also active in the ‘Planet’ field. We take several initiatives every year in order to make our business operations more sustainable. Examples are initiatives in the fields of transport, as well as the sustainability of our buildings. But we also set high sustainability standards on how our suppliers collaborate with us.

CSR certification

The FIRA Platform is a digital knowledge network in which organizations inform each other about their views of, and performance in, the fields of CSR and sustainability. Raet has a Basic CSR report on this platform in which we present our ambitions for the future and our performance as regards several CSR topics.

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