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The future of HR: may the data be with you

There are times as an organization when you want to maintain momentum and times when you want to speed things up. In both cases, interim employees can be an answer. But how do you go about it, who do you talk to? The experience Mariska van Wilpe of Raet Interim Services has recently acquired on your side of the table means that she not only has answers, but now knows the right questions to ask, too.

Peaks and Troughs

When it comes to hiring interim employees, at first the usual reasons spring to mind: maternity leave, long-term sick replacement and holiday seasons. You don’t want your organization to be adversely impacted by the fact that one of your employees is absent for a prolonged period. You have to continue operating at full strength, so someone needs to come in to fill that gap. This also applies to periods when there’s significant extra work to be done, when it may be necessary to bring someone in so everything can be completed on time.

At Raet Interim Services, we regularly talk with companies who face one of these two scenarios and are looking for a solution. We have a huge portfolio of flexible deployable HR and Payroll specialists and consultants who we can make available in such situations. These professionals are either permanently employed by us or part of our non-core workforce, and organizations know all about this ad hoc support that we can provide.

Pushing on

But organizations are increasingly coming to us with another interim requirement. With the market changing increasingly rapidly, companies need to ensure they have the right people to be able to respond to those changes. Talent management and strategic personnel planning are not just more important than ever, but also more challenging than ever: scarcity on the labor market means it's not easy nowadays to find the right staff. So companies are also considering flexible solutions, for example interim specialists who can support their own staff through implementation and design stages of Payroll or HRM systems.

At Raet we’re also in the market like everyone else and we, too, want to be able to move flexibly with change. I’m part of a working group to identify which qualities and competencies we will need in the coming years to implement our strategic plan. It’s great to be able to use our Talent Management and Strategic Staff Planning modules, which help give us better insight into what qualities we already have in-house. And lets us see how a robust non-core workforce is essential if you want to remain innovative and keep up with the market.


So now I suddenly find myself sitting on the other side of the table. I am asking questions such as: How big should Raet's resource pool be? What ratio of permanent to flexible staff do we want to strive for? Where do we find the people with the specialist knowledge and skills we will need in the coming period? How long do we actually need them for? Are there partners who can provide these specialist employees? Who should I contact?

These are the very same questions faced by our clients, who turn to our Interim Services department when they need Payroll and HR consultants on an interim basis. So this experience enables us to advise and serve our customers even better.

How do we go about it?

We want to maintain the momentum in order to retain our innovative capabilities and ability to serve our customers effectively. We have therefore arrived at the following 7-step plan:

1. Map developments

Externally, we look at market developments that may affect staffing levels: what’s the current state of the labor market? But we also look internally: what are the strategic objectives of the organization and what implications do these have for staffing levels?

2. Overview of current resources

It is important to then summarize the resources you have in permanent employment. What knowledge and skills already exist in-house? Where are the talents that you want to keep? What’s the natural wastage situation within the organization? And what minimum staffing levels do you want to have in permanent employment?

3. Make a prognosis

Talk with the sales organization and make sure you have the right tooling to register all opportunities and leads, so you develop a clear picture of the work that will be coming your way. At Raet, we use Salesforce for this.

4. Identify gaps

What's the disparity between what you have in-house and what your organization needs? On the basis of the previous steps, for example, we have clearly established that we need to further strengthen our resource pool. We are always looking for good HCM consultants with project management qualities. In our non-core workforce, we want a broader base of Payroll and (e-)HRM professionals, and IT consultants.

5. Selecting Partners

We are looking for partners who can supplement our flexpool. Applying strict criteria, we have selected a number of partners who can provide us with professionals who have the basic knowledge and competencies we will need this year and in the future.

6. Monitoring Quality

With help from our Academy, we have set up a certification program to ensure Raet's knowledge is transferred to these professionals. This process will conclude with an exam, but things won’t end there. Throughout the period that a professional is deployed, we will test on multiple occasions whether their knowledge is still up-to-date and the desired quality level being achieved.

7. Develop a Resource Center

The last step involves setting up a Resource Center, in which we will centralize the elements listed above. This means we will have a single department that has an overview of both available resources, as well as demand from customers and the internal organization. Our former Interim Services and Planning departments will become part of this Resource Center.

We have a tight schedule and want to put this foundation in place this year, so we can build on it in the future. It’s interesting to have the chance to sit on both sides of the table. On the one hand, I am now a client myself, in need of flexible interim staff; on the other, I’m the supplier who advises our clients and provides them with the resources they need. So feel free to call Raet Interim Services if, like us, you need to maintain or accelerate your momentum.

Mariska van Wilpe
Mariska van Wilpe 20 October 2017


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