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Marco van de Veen, Product Owner at Raet
Software development

“It's great working together to get a product to grow”

Marco van de Veen - Product Owner

Hans Janse

Marco van de Veen is Product Owner in Amersfoort, the Netherlands from where he is building a new HR solution.

"I can appreciate the company's dynamism and enormous ambition" Marco van de Veen

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Since we employ an open, direct, and flexible way of working, where using your own initiative is much appreciated, you will never stop learning at Raet.

Stephan Teunissen
HR consultancy

"I search for common ground with my customer, so we can move forward together"

Stephan Teunissen - HCM Consultant

Sara Mendoza
Sales & marketing

“Collaboration strengthens our team spirit and drives us to focus on the same goals”

Sara Mendoza - Marketing Manager Latin America

Sara Mendoza

Sara Mendoza is Marketing Manager Latin America and located in Buenos Aires. She reaches out to existing and potential customers with events, online marketing and PR to make them aware of how Raet’s solutions can help their businesses.

"Teamwork gives us a strong sense of purpose and accomplishment" Read more

Software development

Innovation and teamwork go hand in hand. At Raet, we develop software that is close to our customers.

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HR & payroll administration

Our people drive our organization

Souhela Akharouid - Personnel Administrator

Bart Doesburg Smits
Software development

“Setting up something good that everyone is proud of, that’s my greatest motivation”

Bart Doesburg Smits - Interim professional

Bart Doesburg Smits

Bart Doesburg Smits is an interim professional who is placed at various different employers by Raet.

"Team spirit => record performance => celebrate => job satisfaction!" Read more

About Raet

Raet brings innovation to the world of HR. Our HR software & services are the foundation that allows customers not only save time and money, but also gain more insight into the deployment, development and competencies of employees.

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