HR consultancy

Successfully setting up e-HRM

As a Raet HR and Payroll consultant, you will help organizations to fully mobilize their employees' qualities. Introducing e-HRM has an impact throughout all an organization’s business units and on its employees. It is your role to independently coordinate the change process and the concrete configuration of our HR software this will need. This means that you are the decisive factor in the success of our solutions at our customers.

Understand HR challenges

You will be in regular contact with the customer, from the board room to the work floor, and, in conjunction with the customer, you will assess how the HR process can be set up in the most intelligent way. This requires you to understand the challenges that HR departments face nowadays. It will also enable you to identify new opportunities at customers and define the desired objective together. The customer will notice this immediately in the success of their organization.

Would you like to be the change manager and consultant who plays a decisive role in our customer's results? Keep pace with Raet’s growth. We will give you a lot of freedom and flexibility in an international working area where you will have unlimited opportunities to spread your wings.

Your colleagues

  • Eugenia Hereñú HR Consultant
  • Stephan Teunissen HCM consultant

Eugenia Hereñú HR Consultant

HR Consultancy at Raet

“Every day there is a new challenge, so I never stop learning and creating”

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Stephan Teunissen HCM consultant

Stephan Teunissen

"I search for common ground with my customer, so we can move forward together"

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