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“Every day there is a new challenge, so I never stop learning and creating”

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HR Consultancy Eugenia Hereñú
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About the interviewee

Eugenia Hereñú is the Consultancy Manager for Raet Latin America. She manages all the consultants that introduce e-HRM and implement our HR software at our clients in Latin America.

Eugenia’s story:

I’m very creative - I love the theater, dancing, painting – which drives me to create new possibilities and opportunities in my job. Every day there is a new challenge, so I never stop learning and creating. And of course, I have fun with what we do. 

I’ve been able to fully exploit my talents and expertise

In my time at Raet, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to develop. As the company grows, so am I. I started as an HR consultant, then a team leader, and now a manager. I’ve been able to fully exploit my talents and expertise.

The combination of Human Resources and software makes this job fun for me. As the technology improves, I find I can do a better job. I can use my knowledge of Human Resources together with the technology to really make a difference for clients. Helping them to introduce e-HRM and supporting their change processes. That’s what makes it attractive and interesting to work in this position.

Imprint on the world

Development can only be realized through innovation. That’s the future. And for me, the imprint I make on the world and that future is very important. I’m a very idealistic person and I really believe that with this HR technology, that doesn’t contaminate, we are improving the world.

Connected to customers

Because we are a company that helps people to do their job, it is important to be closely connected to our customers. To really be able to help them, we need to know what their needs are. We do more than implementation, we are part of their team. That can only work if you have a long-term relationship based on trust and respect for each other. That’s why, next to sharing my knowledge and capabilities, I also find it important to have fun together and to get to know each other personally.

Contact should never stop once the customer begins their journey with Raet 

To be able to give our clients the best experience with Raet, all our colleagues have to work together. Contact starts at Sales & marketing, but should never stop once the customer begins their journey with Raet. Because every client is different, we share experiences from customer to customer, always learning new things and improving and personalizing our services. And we also do this across borders with our colleagues within Latin America and Europe. 

Message for a new colleague

To work at Raet, you need to be sociable and willing to help people. You can be very good in your job, but if you want to be successful at Raet, you need to help and support your customers and colleagues. It can be stressful and every day is different here, but together we are making history, for our kids and for our future.

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