HR & finance

HR & Finance play central roles at Raet

Anyone who works in our HR or Finance Departments plays a central role at Raet. You will be the linchpin who ensures further professionalization, quality monitoring and optimum business processes. As a business partner with a close relationship with management, you will continually endeavor to find smarter solutions to challenges and you will explore new horizons.

HR is in our genes

All Raet employees work on optimizing our HR software and services day in and day out. HR is our business. That will add an extra dimension to your work as an HR professional in our organization. You will directly influence the development of your professional field, and you will be able to actually put the solutions developed into practice as well.

Adding financial value

Working in our Finance Department, you will create opportunities to improve profitability, decrease complexity and manage regulations by means of operational excellence. You will add value to Raet’s existing and potential business and stakeholders, from prospecting to realizing business opportunities, both in the Netherlan ds and internationally.

  • Marcel van der Knaap Manager F & A
  • Remco Kroon HR Business Partner

Marcel van der Knaap Manager F & A

Finance department at Raet

We work as a team, in the customer's interests

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Remco Kroon HR Business Partner

HR department at Raet

"I like to connect colleagues from different departments and teams to be successful together."

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