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Marcel van der Knaap is Finance & Administration Manager at Raet. His responsibilities include checking and recording contracts with customers, invoicing in accordance with the agreements that have been made and ensuring timely payment by our customers, i.e. the “Order to Cash” process. His department also makes sure that customers are provided with the appropriate access to and authorization for our HR software and that suppliers' invoices are recorded and paid on time. The latter is known as the “Purchase to Pay” process.


I gain a lot of energy from coordinating our team to make sure that our objectives are achieved. Some are objectives that we set ourselves, while others are required by the organization. In this respect, it is very important that all the steps in the process are correct and completed on time and that we continually make improvements to further optimize the processes and adjust them in line with requirements. We, the back office, thus continually support the changing organization and the dynamic development that Raet is going through. From an accounting perspective, I consider it a challenge to make sure that we work according to statutory and other requirements as well as in line with Raet’s internal control.  

You don't do it on your own

We work as a team, both for and with the organization. Working in conjunction with different departments is necessary to achieve the right quality. It also makes our work fun because it gives us a broader perspective on the business and together we can ensure that customers get what they expect and what has been agreed. That's not something you do on your own; you do it in conjunction with others. 

Correct and timely invoicing is very important

Take our close collaboration with the Sales Department. This is very important as it ensures that the agreements Sales makes with customers are properly translated into Youforce authorizations for our customers and consultants and that proper invoicing takes place. You cannot provide the customer with optimum service unless you work well together. Correct and timely invoicing is also very important in order to ensure good payment behavior by our customers and improve the position of our working capital.

We also process Raet's purchase invoices. My team records the invoices from suppliers in the financial accounting system and the system then sends budget holders in our organization a request to approve the invoices. We monitor the payment terms and ensure that these invoices get paid.

Knowing what is on customers' minds

Because we also talk to customers on a daily basis, for example about such matters as invoicing, authorization and payments, we know what is on customers' minds and we take this into account in our work. We take action if we see something happen in the process that might affect invoices or contracts.

We know what is on customers' minds and we take this into account in our work

It’s important to us that customers get the right invoices. Invoices must be comprehensible and look good. We are currently making changes to our invoicing method and clarifying the services we provide. We have already achieved a lot in this respect and greatly simplified things. For example, customers can now view and download invoices on their own Youforce portal. This has improved our customer friendliness as well. 

We also ensure that the time we take to process contracts is short, so that our HR software is available to customers quickly. We endeavor to answer our customers' questions promptly. Communication skills are essential in the back office. We are aware that we do not do our jobs as separate individuals, but as a team, in our customers' interests.

Continuous development

We put the developments that Raet is going through into practice in our department. We never stand still. All kinds of changes are going on, such as internationalization and changing customer expectations. We therefore constantly review our resources – in terms of both people and systems – looking for ways of making improvements. For example, we are now linking our financial system to our CRM, which will enable us to improve our internal processes and react and act more quickly. The major challenge in our job is to solve problems and to ensure compliance with legislation and internal policy. Proactivity is definitely expected by Raet and by the colleagues on our team.

A message for a new colleague

We are going through a transition process. Changes in society are happening quickly and Raet is keeping pace. If you are open to change, have positive energy and a proactive mindset, you and Raet will be a great match. It will look great on your CV!

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