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Innovation and teamwork go hand in hand at Raet

Innovation based on proven technology: that sums up Raet's approach. For the past fifty years, we have been distinguishing ourselves by developing software as a ‘smart follower’ and marketing it. As a member of our Cloud Solutions Department, you will contribute to software that is intuitive to use and needs little explanation to enable our customers' employees and managers to work with it. To achieve this, you will work towards results by taking short sprints with your compact Scrum team, consisting of various professionals, such as user experience designers, other designers, developers and testers, product owners and Scrum Masters.

At Raet, we develop software that is closer to our customers 

Your challenge as an IT professional at Raet is to master the latest developments fast. Together with expert colleagues, you will design and develop the functionality users are waiting for and make it available to customers as Software-as-a-Service. You are open to feedback from users and will translate that into software that is even more compatible with our customers' requirements. You’ll learn exactly who your customers are and that will give you the energy to go the extra mile.

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Development colleagues

  • Marco van de Veen Product Owner
  • Virginia Cano Development manager

Marco van de Veen Product Owner

Software development at Raet

“It's great working together to get a product to grow”

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Virginia Cano Development manager

Software development at Raet

"I'm enthusiastic about the impact we have on our clients"

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