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“Setting up something good that everyone is proud of, that’s my greatest motivation”

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Interim Services Bart Doesburg Smits
Interim professional

About the interviewee

Bart Doesburg Smits is an interim professional who is placed at various different employers by Raet. His assignments often start by helping HR professionals get familiarized with new systems and especially helping them to embrace changed processes and the new ways of working that come with them. After that, customers will often ask Bart to assist with other HR issues or to coach HR teams or individual employees.


Working together is probably the most important aspect of my work. It’s what motivates me the most. Setting up something good together that everyone can be proud of. Something that people might have previously thought impossible, but that is still achieved, especially through cooperation.

Show what you’re made of and enjoy your work

I have colleagues at Raet and also at our customers. I always have a very strong bond with customers. I’m in direct contact with them all day long, from the managing director to employees at all levels. My challenge then is to form a ‘Dream team’ with my external colleagues, one which is made up from the ideal combination of passion for the job and professionalism. Fortunately, not everyone has the same passion, since a team where everybody has the same temperament would not make for an ideal team. If my team has several members, I try and divide the work to match their passions and skills.

Celebrate successes

Team spirit => record performance => celebrate => job satisfaction!

I enjoy having people around me. My busy social life gives me lots of fun and enjoyment and the same goes for my work. Both when working at a client or when doing other work, there also has to be room for non-business matters, like celebrating successes. That’s good fun and it definitely contributes to the team spirit and job satisfaction.

Strong personal development

For me, job satisfaction is also about having opportunities for personal development. I refuse to reach a point where I no longer develop myself. The market in which we operate is continuously changing. Developments at Raet happen very fast. What has been developed and implemented today can probably be improved tomorrow! As Interim Professionals working for Raet, we cannot afford to stand still. We need to be versatile and that requires a broad knowledge of our products and services. 

Raet offers several possibilities for personal development. Mutual knowledge sharing, training courses, annual conferences, and we also use What’s app to keep fellow interim professionals up to date with what’s going on or to answer any questions they may have. But I develop the most while actually being ‘on the job’. I learn and perform best when I’m doing work that I really like.

Varied and challenging

Raet Interim Services always considers my competencies to see how closely they match a client’s requirements. Even if my knowledge, skills and qualities are found to match what the client is asking for, I still need to feel good about the job as well. I never accept an assignment that I don’t find challenging or where I can’t put my abilities to good use. My manager and I always look for the right mix and match. That ensures that the assignments always remain varied and challenging.

My message for new colleagues

If you want to work at Raet, you need to know that the bar is set high. Look carefully at what is expected of you and make sure that you know what Raet does and what Raet stands for. In my opinion, the formula for success is: be yourself, do what you’re good at and – once you’re working for us – seek out your colleagues and draw on their specific qualities.

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