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“Teamwork strengthens our spirit and drives us to focus on the same goals”

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Sales & Marketing Sara Mendoza
Marketing Manager Latin America

About the interviewee

Sara Mendoza is Marketing Manager Latin America and located in Buenos Aires. She reaches out to existing and potential customers with events, online marketing and PR to make them aware of how Raet’s solutions can help their businesses. Sara has a direct marketing colleague in Argentina and also works actively with the marketing team in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.


“I have worked at Raet since October 2013 and, over the last couple of years, I have been able to build a new marketing approach. Field marketing is a relatively new job in our Buenos Aires office and that has given me the opportunity and freedom to shape the position within Latin America. It was the perfect chance to use all the skills I already have, while at the same time I learn a lot of new things.

A successful career is a significant contributor to my personal happiness and financial security

I like the fact that I’m always able to pitch new ideas and get the opportunity to explore new marketing possibilities. I also get the necessary space to execute the plans. We all have different career ambitions and, in my case, a successful career is a significant contributor to my personal happiness and financial security. At Raet, my job responsibilities and compensation have progressed together. We have a culture of continual learning and we are offered several training opportunities.

Reaching customers together

Customers are becoming increasingly demanding in all aspects of life, something which also applies to their expectations from our products and services. Marketing therefore gets to play an even more prominent role in delivering and communicating our promises. In fact, I spend a major part of my day interacting, not only with my team, but also with other functional areas here in LatAm and also abroad. I believe that the ability to respond to internal needs and demands is key to effectively serving as an advocate for the consumers.

Teamwork gives us a strong sense of purpose and accomplishment

I work closely with sales, for example, to determine how to reach and engage our customers and relevant prospects together. A new initiative, the customer satisfaction survey, is also a good example of collaboration. We performed this survey with the helpdesk in Latin America and our Data Analyst in Amersfoort. Teamwork can provide synergy and give us a strong sense of purpose and accomplishment. It is important for increasing creativity and enthusiasm in the workplace, and for fostering healthy and productive relationships, all of which makes the work more enjoyable.

We serve different types of organizations, from different industries and located in several countries, so we have to communicate with these in different ways. We have to target the right customer with the right channels and right message. Only then will we be able to start conversations on relevant topics which will help us to develop HR software that benefits our customers’ business.

International transition

Working at a company that is defining its global roots comes with certain challenges. You need to make sure that you work with the same framework and keep in close contact with each other. Fortunately, we are developing more and more tools and structures that enable us to stay aligned. And of course, once you get to know each other in person or via Skype, working together becomes a lot easier. 

A message for new colleagues

For all new colleagues, I would like to say: if you start working at Raet, you have to be flexible, adaptable and embrace change. I am really happy to be at Raet at this time in my life. Personally, I do not like routine, so being flexible and participating in different international projects fits perfectly with my own ambitions and personal drive. Being part of Raet’s international transition gives me a lot of energy. 

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