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Raet is a leading software firm and cloud solutions provider (SAAS) with more than 1.7 Million users. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Raet’s "Youforce" platform helps more than 1500 clients with Human Capital Management (HCM) - ranging from standard payroll for about 25% of the entire Dutch workforce to advanced eHRM (Human Resource Management) applications that enable global clients to find, hire and further develop their talent and succeed in tomorrow's economy.  A recent acquisition also established a strong foothold in Latin-America.

Raet counts about 1000 employees, including more than 300 IT Professionals (software developers and infrastructure experts) in various development and operations centers across the globe.

Raet is not a start-up – which means it offers long-term perspectives - but it is also not a mammoth - so agility and entrepreneurship are still part of its DNA: as such it is right-sized for professionals who have the right "can-do" spirit.

Raet is currently looking for a Development Manager who will be responsible steering up to 5 scrum development-teams (up to 30 FTE) towards delivering quality workable software and pursuing technology excellence & innovation. This function is based in Madrid and will include activities of internal staff based in Amersfoort (the Netherlands) and Madrid (Spain) and external staff in Bangalore (India) from an outsourcing provider. 

The Development Manager will report into the Head of Cloud Solutions Development and be a member of the Cloud Solutions Development Management Team.

We embrace agility, and apply the SAFe framework to ensure we scale our agile practices across our portfolio, even though this role is not explicitly specified within that framework. Leading several self-organizing Scrum teams, you help these teams apply best practices in terms of software development and stand next to them when it matters. You know what degrees of freedom to give to stimulate ownership, innovation and excellence - but also what discipline to require & obtain to ensure teams in different locations can collaborate optimally towards a common solution. You inspire team members - not just by saying but also by do-ing - and act as a role model. You help improving our best practices,  are constantly looking to make them even better, and radiate that mindset so others follow suit. As a result, you know how to get the best out of your teams, and bring our people talent to a higher level - both in terms of skill and will.

Other specific responsibilities that you assume include:

  • Acting as the voice of your teams: communicating with other stakeholders and participating in addressing Customer Issues.
  • Being a partner for product & portfolio management when determining our development roadmaps and determining release trains
  • Approving key steps during the release process, validating the results from automated and manual test and being accountable that your teams deliver a deployable product (release package) - incl. during the implementation of emergency fixes or datafixes
  • Participating in Team Retrospectives and overall Release Retrospective - and reporting on the end-of-sprint of the teams
  • Managing capacity and skills of your teams  
  • Ensuring proper knowledge transfer within and between the teams - stimulating and improving technical expertise (e.g. via "guilds" and certifications)
  • As a member of the management team, coordinating and proposing the implementation of new technology, methodologies and processes - and ensuring that agreed ones are adhered to. Managing division-wide projects or initiatives - also across development centers.   

You succeed in this role, relying upon demonstrated important experience leading teams during the entire product life cycle - having overcome important challenges in terms of budget, scope or timing. You are a seasoned manager with demonstrated people management skills. Some international travel is no issue for you.

Technical skills we look for include (ideally you possess these - or you have a demonstrated ability to acquire them fast, and excel in using/applying them):

  • Knowledge of & experience with eXtreme Programming, Lean & Scrum - knowledge of and experience with SAFe is a plus
  • Expertise in at least several of the following:  .NET & C#, SQL, IDE,  HTML, Javascript, CSS and experience with Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP
  • Expertise with testing methods and techniques (ISTQB, TMAP), MTM experience is a preference; expertise with testing non-functional requirements incl. security is a plus
  • Knowledge of basic and functional designing/IDE 

If you combine this expertise with a Bachelor's, Master's or Doctoral degree, then this will be a plus that will be  fully recognized.

Finally, and of utmost importance, we are looking for team members who share our mindset & core values: SMART, helpful, conscious, expert & reliable. You have a strong commitment towards quality of work - and realize that quality code comes in the first place from having the right mindset - and embrace transparency.

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