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Lead Architect HR
Conceptualize and safeguard a NextGen HR platform architecture

Let’s set the stage

Raet facilitates over 10.000 corporate clients, and has a presence in 14 countries, including near shore and far shore development hubs. We employ 1.100 professionals from all walks of life, 300 of them in IT. We fully embrace the Agile philosophy (no ifs, buts or maybes) and deploy 40 Scrum/Agile teams. Because of our proclivity to fly under the radar – our passion for innovation matches our penchant for modesty - our brand may not resonate as much as, say, Exact or AFAS. That isn’t to say our software has less of an impact. In fact, chances are you’ve worked at organizations that use our solutions. And that may go for your friends and family as well. After all, our HR platform drives the employer experience at over 1.500 leading organizations.

Challenges? Got you covered!

Our HR Core platforms (we currently run three but are integrating those as we speak) evolve in step with the HR domain. And yes, that’s mighty fast! Where HR was once considered a dull organizational afterthought, it is now recognized as the key driver of employee happiness and organizational agility. Whether it pertains to contract management, talent development, ARS, forecasting, expense management or management information: Raet wants to fully deliver upon the HR promise. And that’s where you come in, because as Lead Architect HR, you will create and safeguard the architectural concepts that allow us to introduce and integrate innovative HR services that maximize customer and employee value.

The nitty gritty

As Lead Architect HR you’ll conceptualize the domain architecture for our HR solutions. E.g. by designing high level concepts and translating those into architectural models that are infinitely scalable. You’ll promote your view at all levels, nurturing commitment along the way. Counterparts include the ‘usual suspects’, such as our chief architect, managing directors, product managers and software architects. But we also expect you to enlighten internal product marketeers and external clients as to the how and why of architectural choices. You’ll closely monitor and analyze HR developments. Examples include determining the impact of new rules and regulations on both the existing and the conceptualized architecture, as well as translating shifting customer demands into solid architectural choices.

Should we commit to mobile and cloud services? How can we cleverly integrate machine learning algorithms? What is the potential for process and data mining? It’s up to you to futureproof the architectural landscape! Innovation aside, you’ll identify (and mitigate!) architectural risks, both pertaining to the introduction of services and risks embedded in deeper levels. Although we expect you to pioneer, it’s imperative you set the right pace: we want to keep everybody on board and we must comply with strict rules and regulations, for example when it comes to security and data protection. You’ll inspire, guide and support software architects, application specialists, API developers and all other internal stakeholders. You’ll report directly to our chief architect and are a valued member of the Raet architectural board.

Meet over coffee? That’s a yes if you:

  • Bring 10+ years of relevant (software or enterprise) architecture experience to the table
  • Are thoroughly familiar with service oriented and cloud architecture principles
  • Are into domain, behavior and event driven development
  • Subscribe to the notion that scalability and resilience should go hand in hand
  • Aren’t afraid to try, fail, and try again; failed experiments provide the best insights!
  • Are fine with travelling to all countries where we develop

Some of our favorite tools and techniques

  • SaaS and PaaS
  • Microsoft technology stack (.NET, C#, SQL, Visual Studio, Azure)
  • Front end technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Angular
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous deployment
  • Agile Scrum

Ah yes, the offer
That’s what we’d love to discuss over that coffee we mentioned earlier! At Raet, we understand that you probably get so many job offers, that picking the right one may hinge more on ‘abstract’ benefits that on the figure on your pay check. Which is why we are fully prepared to customize our offer. Hopefully in such a way that you simply can’t refuse. As for our company culture; we
work hard, but we don’t believe a competitive culture nets the best results, so the atmosphere is open, inviting and collaborative. Flexible work arrangements are the norm! Of note: you’ll work in an international setting, where English rules the waves. Als je dit kunt lezen, is dat een pre.

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