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Why, what and when? These are the questions you’ll need to answer. Not just for ‘any’ product, but for a new financial management platform succeeding the existing financial platform that 30,000 Dutch organizations already rely on. The new financial suite is modern and cloud-based. It contains several applications which together helps our customers to optimize and automate their financial processes, such as accounting, reporting, AP and AR, VAT, Payments etc. This new suite already has gained great traction in the Scandinavian market throughout the last years. Now we want to optimize this solution (even) further for our Dutch market, and this means getting (even) closer to our customers and prospects. Can you gather customer needs at an early stage and translate them into actionable requirements for our development teams?

This is how you can help us

As Product Manager HR core, you own the strategic roadmap for Visma’s financial management platform for our bigger clients in NL, and manage towards maximizing customer value. That starts with extensive market research, in which you attract the interest of all stakeholders (from customers and prospects to umbrella organizations and industry groups), so that you know exactly what’s going on. And what’s about to happen. This does indeed give you all the information you need to answer the ‘why’ question. Follow up by translating your newly gained insights into actionable requirements for the development teams.

For example, by developing product value propositions, writing business cases, presenting proofs of concept to stakeholders and/or initiating early adopter programs that highlight the ‘what’ question from the customer’s perspective. Also explore opportunities to cross-sell and upsell, for example based on products that derive synergy from the Raet product portfolio.

You prioritize the resulting projects (‘when’) and see them through. Which new features and improvements do we implement first, and second, and then? How do we generate buzz in the market? And can you motivate all your decisions? What makes this role extra challenging (and hopefully attractive), is that the development partly takes place in Norway. So that’s where you’ll be on a regular basis, as the ‘Dutch customer ambassador’. In other words: you not only ensure that the improvements and innovations accomplish what we expect, you also make a positive contribution to the overall customer experience.

Minimum requirements

Strategic insight. Abstract aptitude. Unfathomably deep knowledge of the customer mindset. And the guts to let a self-steering team of developers attain the goals you set for them. We’re not looking for a ‘shop attendant’; we need someone with the pioneering spirit to make further inroads in the Dutch market. Someone with the ability to get things done, which is the hallmark of great entrepreneurs. A financial or accounting background as well as project management experience are clearly a must, as is in-depth and current knowledge of the financial software market.


  • 5+ years of relevant (!) work experience, e.g. as Product manager in the software world, preferably in the financial or ERP domain
  • Understanding of the intricacies of Cloud and SaaS delivery models
  • Familiarity with, and a clear preference for Scrum and VSTS methodologies
  • Persuasive collaborator for all stakeholders, including developers
  • Born to network, with a commercial mindset and the power to inspire

What you see and what you get

You’ll first see the Raet main office in Amersfoort, where we will discuss your application over coffee. Here you will work in a team of colleague Product Managers who are focused on HR and Payroll where you will own the direction for Visma Financials. And, as opposed to your colleagues who manage the Raet product portfolio, you also have a home away from home: Visma HQ in Norway. You will travel there several times each month to represent the ‘Dutch vision’. What you get, is the opportunity to make a successful cloud solution even better by attuning it to the Dutch market, and by identifying and converting opportunities to infuse it with additional strengths from Raet HR-software. You will obviously ‘receive’ a fair salary, proactive support from the top of the organization and ample opportunity to develop, as you would expect from an organization that gives its employees free rein to take charge of their own career.

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