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Ever answered ‘Multi-tasking Ninja’ when people asked what you wanted to be when you grew up?
It’s a great career, and it’s not too late!

When you started out in software development, you enjoyed being part of a team that turned ideas into products and solutions. You know how a development life-cycle works and bringing code to a production environment has little secrets for you. Somewhere along the way, you discovered that leading teams and managing development processes, is where you’re good at and what makes you happy. Raet offers you the opportunity to use your skills to the max and turn your ambition into reality. As our Development manager, you can use your multi-tasking skills to its full extent!

What will you do?

Time will tell! It is not a fixed journey at Raet but in general, you’ll assist the team members with career development, actively coach them to advance their technical, functional, individual, team skills and career goals. You like supporting the teams in continuous improvement and becoming high-performing teams. With your strong focus on quality and being accountable for the delivery of working production software, you’ll need to find the right balance between being a Leader and Manager.

 What does it take to be successful in this role?

We’re looking for engaged leadership, advocating openness, transparency, respect and trust. You’ve always worked with a flexible (Agile) mindset and a Team player mentality. You’re decisive, with a "Do it, try it, fix it '-mentality and working with your teams to think in possibilities. You understand that quality doesn’t just arrive but is the result of fostering Communities of Practice (Guilds) and teaching or sponsoring technical skills development to support high-quality code, components, systems, and Solutions.

 Who are my buddies?

In your daily work, you’ll engage with the Release Train Engineers (RTEs) and system stakeholders to help ensure alignment and effective execution of Strategic Themes. You’ll work with the System Architect/Engineer, Product Managers and Product Owners to establish clear content authority. With the other Development managers in Raet, you’ll sit down to discuss approaches to common challenges or aligning teams to the system mission and vision.

Who would we welcome aboard?

Anyone who is enthusiastic after reading the story so far and convinced he/she can indeed make the difference in this role at Raet, is welcome to apply. It’s important for you focus on collaboration and results, the creation of commitment within the organization and be communicative on various levels

Where, what and why?

Raet is located in Amersfoort. Here, you’ll meet most of your new colleagues, including some 300 IT professionals. At Raet, we work hard, but we don’t believe a competitive culture nets the best results, so the atmosphere is open, inviting and collaborative. As you might expect from an HR-solutions specialist, we offer a benefits package that is a cut above the rest, and not only includes a fair salary and ample opportunities for personal and professional growth, but also flexible work arrangements. Of note: you’ll work in an international setting, where English rules the waves. Als je dit kunt lezen, is dat een pre.


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