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We predict Testers will become obsolete in 2020
Why? Because the future belongs to Technical QA Engineers like yourself!

Will TMap follow in T-Rex’s faded footsteps? We’re not entirely sure. However, we are convinced that software testing needs to take the next evolutionary steps sooner rather than later. We envision a future where ‘traditional’, after-the-fact testing takes the backseat and proactive testing during development is the norm. And because Raet prefers to stay ahead of the pack (especially when T-Rexes are involved) this is how we already operate. Our Technical Quality Assurance Engineers test like the best (which they are) and challenge engineers during each stage of the development cycle. Sometimes even before a sprint is initiated. Is your testing talent up to that task? Join the testing (r)evolution!

What will you do?
Conduct what are probably the most inspiring (technical, not functional!) tests of your QA career. And, equally important, challenge team mates every step of the way. Not because you ‘can’ or because we want you to behave like T-Rex on a rampage, but because your background grants you a wider view. Where developers love to dive headfirst into the technology, you are uniquely positioned to combine coding and client perspectives. Of note: you’ll be testing the brand-new API layer for an HR solution that facilitates most public organizations in the Netherlands. So, the impact of the position is on par with the impact a meteor shower had on our buddy T-Rex, except this time around the story has a happy end.

Any travel buddies?
Of course! You’ll join an autonomous Scrum team – one of 40+ we currently deploy – that’s dedicated to making our API endeavors a success. You’ll work closely with the three API Developers and will liaise with colleagues from other functional areas as well.

How do you test?
As a fulltime team member. At Raet, QA isn’t delegated to a deserted island; it’s a tourist highlight in our development wonderland. As we mentioned above, you’ll mainly conduct technical tests, but security and integration testing are part of the package as well. It goes without saying you’ll adopt an ‘if tests can be automated, they should be’ approach. If you got this far, you probably already guessed that we appreciate team members who go the extra mile. E.g. if you conclude something isn’t quite up to par, feel free to point our developers in the right direction!

What tools and techniques can you expect?

  •  .NET (API (REST/Odata) and MS SQL
  • CI/CD pipelines
  • SoapUI, Selenium, Cucumber (etc.)
  • SAFe for scaling Agile
  • Lean & Scrum

Who would we welcome aboard?
A Technical QA Engineer who is thoroughly familiar with current and Next Gen testing tools and methodologies. Experience with technical tests in complex environments is a must.  Security, integration and non-functional requirements testing expertise will put you even higher on the food chain. In short; you’re the T-Rex of Quality Assurance, always a step ahead of issues (and extinction). As far as education and background goes; we value skills above credentials. What is important, is that you have a pioneering attitude and share our DNA: we want to excel at what we do, help each other out whenever we can, and share both our successes and failures.

Where, what and why?
Raet is located in Amersfoort. Here, you’ll meet most of your new colleagues, including some 300 IT professionals. At Raet, we work hard, but we don’t believe a competitive culture nets the best results, so the atmosphere is open, inviting and collaborative. As you might expect from an HR-solutions specialist, we offer a benefits package that is a cut above the rest, and not only includes a fair salary and ample opportunities for personal and professional growth, but also flexible work arrangements. Of note: you’ll work in an international setting, where English rules the waves. Als je dit kunt lezen, is dat een pre.

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