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Everyone (and their dog) speaks Java and C these days. And that’s fine.
But at Raet we value natives in a much less spoken language even more!

That language is Uniface. And the reason we value it so highly, is twofold. First: it’s the language in which our HR Core Public platform was built roughly 25 years ago. And second, it’s the language we’ll use to expand upon it, elevating it to the next level. So, for us, Uniface natives aren’t an exotic species, but the bread and butter behind one of our principal systems. Just how important is HR Core Public? It powers the HR solution employed by the majority of public organizations in The Netherlands. And, by extension, it propels the careers of countless public employees.

What will you do?

So now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. As mentioned, we want to (greatly) expand upon the existing solution. I.e. we’ll add a full range of features that allow educational institutions to profit from the platform as well. We currently operate a separate core system (to be phased out) for schools and universities, so we already know exactly how to maximize customer value. The ‘only’ thing left, is to translate those insights into Uniface code. And that’s where you (hopefully) come in.

Any travel buddies?

Of course! You’ll join an autonomous Scrum team – one of 40+ we currently deploy – that’s dedicated to this (major) undertaking’s success. While you’re probably used to flying solo, this time you’ll work in tandem with three other Uniface natives, which opens up lots of possibilities to build upon your already extensive knowledge of the language’s do’s & don’ts. You won’t develop tunnel vision, however, because we expect you to work closely with the business as well, in order to ensure we develop with a customer-centric mindset.

How do we develop?

As a team! And with a great sense of shared ownership. At Raet, we fully embrace the Agile philosophy. And we don’t take that claim lightly; if you ever catch a colleague surreptitiously ‘Waterfalling’, we’ll send him down the Niagara in a barrel – no questions asked.

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