“We are using Raet software to reduce our administrative workload and to offer opportunities to the top talents in our organization.”

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Infotheek Jordy Kool
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Case in short

Infotheek is digitizing its HR processes with Raet. An exercise that began with payroll accounting has now resulted in performance management being structured and digitized through the Talent Management suite.

Digitizing and structuring HR processes

Infotheek, a supplier of IT hardware and services, has grown considerably in recent years. In a matter of just a few years, the company has grown from 150 staff to over 400 and Infotheek is now active in eleven countries. CEO Jordy Kool: “In recent years, we mainly focused on strengthening our sales and marketing and we rather neglected our HR systems. Raet is now helping us to make up for that. We first tackled payroll accounting, but we've really gotten the hang of it now. The Raet platform offers plenty of opportunities and we intend to optimally leverage that.”

“We are using Raet's software to structure our HR processes and create an overview for HR, the management and employees.”

HR Manager Sheila Sponselee: “We've been growing fast, which has made it difficult to streamline our processes, such as absenteeism and expense statements. We used to do this through a simple email message and some Excel sheets. This worked fine when we had 150 employees, only working from the Netherlands. But having our processes handled by Raet software has made quite a change, especially since we now have eleven offices in nine different countries. We're using Raet's Performance Management module to digitize and structure the recording and following up of our biannual appraisal interviews. This will give us a better insight into the performance of our employees and the status of the interviews.”

Raet helps with both performance and talent management

Infotheek invests a lot in education, training and coaching, working together with various institutions such as Leiden University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam School of Management, and the renowned IMD in Switzerland. Sheila Sponselee: “Through Education Management, Raet helps us structure this even better, so that, in the future, we'll only have to press a button to know our employees' training needs and to see how they're developing. We can now match demand and supply much better.” 

And Infotheek has started structuring its talent pool, also supported by the Talent Management suite. Jordy Kool has high expectations for this. “When our organization was only 150 people, we had a pretty good view of who the up and coming talents were. But recently that's become much more difficult. What we want to achieve is having a view of the top-30 talents in our organization available at any time. 

“Talent Management lets us offer the talents in our organization good prospects and opportunities.”

The Succession Planning module will let us get a much better view of that in the future. For example, this will put a talented order picker in our warehouse in the frame for a job at another business unit much faster. And this enables us to offer our talents good future prospects and opportunities. Getting the best people in the right places benefits the success of the entire company.”  

Every agreement is followed up on

Jordy Kool thinks that the advantages of digitizing the HR processes in a structured way are self-evident. “It has greatly reduced the workload in a growing environment. Working with digital staff files saves a lot of time and money and it makes things a lot easier. 

“Digital staff files not only save a lot of time and money, but they also make things a lot easier.”

The digital workflows ensure that all agreements are followed up on. For example, if someone has been ill for more than an x number of days and action should be taken, their manager will automatically be alerted. And we, the Board, now have much better management information at our disposal. For example, we can now compare the average absenteeism percentages of individual departments.”    

Jordy Kool sees more opportunities for working together with Raet. “As far as I'm concerned, I'd be happy if Raet presented us a new module which can benefit us every month.”

About Infotheek

Infotheek helps customers in the education, healthcare, corporate and public sectors save money on their IT hardware. Infotheek does this by not only offering the latest versions of hardware, but also by mainly offering penultimate models that still have plenty of capacity to meet the needs of Infotheek's customers. Infotheek's Services Division, consisting of rental, cloud and buyback services, is also growing fast. Infotheek, headquartered in Leiden, the Netherlands, has over 400 employees and is active in eleven countries in Europe.

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