“Thanks to Raet's HR cloud software, our HR processes have become more efficient and we're seeing fewer errors.”

Customer case: Rhenus

Anjo Meijer Anjo Meijer
Corporate HR Manager, Rhenus

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Case in short

The implementation of e-HRM by Raet has enabled logistics and transportation giant Rhenus to work on introducing more efficient and transparent HR processes. e-HRM, in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS), is accessible anytime and anyplace, both to HR professionals and other employees.

Lack of access to decentralized information

Until 2012, Rhenus – with more than 24,000 personnel worldwide – used an HR system that was only accessible to HR professionals and that was only suitable for payroll accounting, says Anjo Meijer, Corporate HR Manager at Rhenus. “For example, the system didn't offer our employees any insight into the status of an expense report.

“We very much liked the flexibility and the price/performance ratio offered by Raet's e-HRM solution.”

We were therefore looking – initially for our Dutch branches – for a system that would optimally support our HR processes and that would provide our employees and our HR professionals access to decentralized information. Rhenus opted for the cloud-based e-HRM solution offered by Raet. It wasn't only the price/performance ratio that was interesting, we also very much liked the flexibility that the system offered.”

Efficiency and transparency as first requirements

Meijer: “We wanted the system to contribute to better communication and cooperation between employees, managers and HR professionals. Efficiency and transparency were the first requirements, not least in order to save costs and time. In addition, the system should contribute to strengthening Rhenus' position as an innovative and professional employer.”

“Employees have salary, leave, and expense information at their disposal, from any location and at any time they wish to have it.”

Rhenus has deliberately chosen the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Meijer: “We didn't want any 'on-premise’ software, since that would also require us to have someone in-house to manage and maintain the system. And an added advantage of SaaS is that it enables the self-service aspect that we wish to offer our employees. SaaS gives our employees information about matters such as leave, expenses, or their salaries, from any location and at any time they wish to access it.”

Lower probability of errors and less paperwork

An important advantage of the system is that it leads to fewer errors. “I'll give you an example,” says Meijer. “In the old situation, employees who moved house had to send us their new details by post. This was then manually entered into the system, with a high likelihood of errors occurring. Now employees input their new details themselves. The result? A lower probability of errors and a lot less paperwork. Another example: three years ago we still recorded absence on paper. That's also a thing of the past now.”

“An important advantage of e-HRM by Raet is that it leads to fewer errors in administrative processes."

“We've taken some major steps forward,” is Meijer's conclusion. “And we're planning to take quite a few more, together with Raet. For example, as regards flexible compensation and recruitment. If it's up to me, we'll take the next steps as quickly as possible. But we shouldn't hurry these things; it's crucial that people are given the time to familiarize themselves with the system. That's not a bad thing; Rome wasn't built in a day either.”

About Rhenus

The Rhenus Group offers logistics services all over the world and has an annual turnover of €4.1 billion. The company employs more than 24,000 staff worldwide, spread over 390 sites. Rhenus employs some 1,500 people in the Netherlands, divided among more than 35 sites. Since the company sets great store by the professional and personal development of its employees, it makes considerable investments in its employees' growth opportunities.

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