“Self-service and workforce management by Raet have enabled me to spend more time on the issues that really matter in my work.”

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Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals Stefan van Mil
Payroll Accountant

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Case in short

In 2014, RST implemented two Raet software modules to make payroll accounting much more efficient and less time-consuming: self-service and workforce scheduling. This is not only a good thing for the payroll accounting department; the general workforce also benefits from these modules.

Finding a solution to get rid of excessive paperwork

“Calculating overtime to incorporate it into the salary slips used to be very labor-intensive."

Since February 2014, Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals (RST) has been using self-service HR software supplied by Raet. The workforce scheduling software was then introduced in September of that year. The reason for introducing this? “A lot of our work was still paper-based,” says payroll accountant Stefan van Mil. “For instance, calculating overtime to incorporate it into the salary slips. At the start of the month, I'd be given a fresh pile of printed Excel sheets from the various departments, stating their overtime hours and compensation days. We then had to process all this data manually. This was very labor and time-intensive. Applications for leave were also handed in on paper, and changes of address were sometimes communicated through email or on paper. This had become outdated; things really had to change.”

Employees intuitively know how to use the software

“It only took one demonstration for us to decide that we'd start working with self-service.”

Raet first presented the self-service module to RST, says Van Mil. “It only took one demonstration for us to decide that we would start working with this module at the same time as the digital wage slip. After this, Raet gave us excellent support and helped us implement the module. Working with self-service is not exactly rocket science. Our employees intuitively know how to use it, even staff who aren't accustomed to working with computers a lot.”

“As a follow-up to self-service, we also introduced workforce scheduling in September 2014. We've linked that system to our payroll accounting and, for example, it's now immediately clear how somebody's overtime hours are represented in their salary slip. To roll out the software as smoothly as possible, we spent a lot of time talking to employees and managers about what it would mean for them. That's been important for the success of this implementation.” 

Using software creates time for the essentials 

“Now I can spend more time on those things that I really like doing and that I wasn’t able to spend enough time on in the past.”Van Mil is happy that these time-intensive processes have been digitized. “Using this software has given me much more time for other activities that I wasn’t able to spend enough time on in the past,” he says. “Things like routine checks, which are actually a material element of payroll accounting work. And where changes of address are concerned: in the past it wasn't uncommon for these details to be supplied on a scrap of paper that was easily lost. Now employees input their new details themselves.”

“Now I can spend more time on those things that I really like doing and that I wasn’t able to spend enough time on in the past.”

Van Mil is not the only one who is happy with the software. “We mainly get positive feedback from our employees. They find the software transparent to use; by approving their hours themselves, they know in advance how much they'll be paid. And they can even apply for leave from home. Our new HR Director is also very enthusiastic and has been a driving force behind these developments. She not only considers this to be a step that'll make the work easier and more transparent, but it's also an investment that will certainly pay itself back.” 

About Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals (RST)

Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals (RST) is one of the largest shortsea container transhipment companies in Europe; the majority of the transhipment of shortsea cargo in the port of Rotterdam is handled by RST. The 320 employees work a continuous – 24/7 – operation to load and unload the vessels in the Rotterdam port as quickly and efficiently as possible. They handle about half a million containers every year.


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