HR Analytics

Get the insights you need for strategic HR decisions

You want to get a better understanding of your HR data so that you can make the strategic choices that will improve your organization's profitability and efficiency. But HR data is often spread among different systems, making it difficult to be used efficiently for analyses and reports. HR Analytics by Raet allows you to bring all your HR data together in one location.

Obtain real-time insight into workforce trends

Generating real-time reports based on all the available HR data will give you a clear view of all the trends concerning the composition of your workforce, absenteeism and other HR data. You can quickly and easily share this management information with other policy makers in your organization.

Analyze and improve the efficiency of your HR processes

Find out how your managers and employees use e-HRM. For example, by identifying which steps in your HR processes are currently taking a lot of time, you can optimize the underlying processes and save costs.

Integrate data from different systems

Link your HR data to other business data in order to predict the impact of HR policy on business results. Our HR Analytics software allows you to make your HR data accessible to other systems, for instance if you want to make reports from a data warehouse.

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