HR in the cloud

HR online: anytime, anywhere

Are you considering digitizing your administrative HR processes? A recent survey has indicated that 60% of managers with final responsibility for HR find that their department makes insufficient use of up-to-date technology that is easy to use and that is accessible on mobile devices (source: Deloitte, 2014).

The shift to the cloud

More and more organizations are opting for cloud solutions to digitize their HR processes. Managers and employees can then arrange their HR affairs online, when and where they please. For example, they can then apply for and approve leave, record absenteeism or choose a suitable education or training course themselves.

Employees prefer to arrange their own HR affairs

Making HR data available through the cloud also matches employees' wishes. The Raet 2014-2015 HR Benchmark has shown that two thirds of them would like to be able to arrange their HR affairs themselves. And furthermore, 61% of all employees would like to be able to handle their HR matters anytime and anywhere; also from a tablet or smartphone. Offering HR in the cloud lets you profile yourself as a modern and attractive employer.

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Read more about the advantages of HR in the cloud - and about the experiences of other organizations - in the articles and customer stories below.

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