Talent management

Finding, developing and retaining talent

As a manager or HR professional, you try to enable your people to perform and develop to the best of their abilities. The Raet 2014-2015 HR Benchmark shows that talent management features high on the agendas of nine out of ten organizations. They state that ensuring the continuity of the organization and being attractive employers are the main reasons for this. 

Learning and development are top priorities for HR

According to the 2014-2015 HR Benchmark, HR managers give priority to learning and development (39%), strategic workforce planning (30%) and sustainable employability (28%). However, in practice it's hard for them to dedicate sufficient time to fulfilling these priorities. And often they don't have sufficient insight into what talent is necessary and what talent is already available in their organizations. 

Employees want to be in control of their own development

Employees have come to expect more of their employers as regards talent management. 78% of them would like to be in control of their personal development, but then supported with suitable education and training courses, coaching and personal development talks.

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How do you implement talent management? And how do you get buy-in from senior executives? Read more about talent management in the articles and real-life stories below.

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